The Littlest Things…

www.idealbite.comDo the teensy-tiny green things you do actually count?

The Bite
As the French would say, "Wee-wee." Even wee, smaller-than-small changes you make each day can add up to big benefits – plus, they keep you thinking about the fact that everything we do has an effect. Now get out your microscope…

The Benefits
•    Itty-bitty effort. Tiny things like turning off the hot water before the cold when you’re taking a shower won’t make a huge diff – but they take absolutely zero blood, sweat, and tears.
•    Sizable payoffs. Over time and with many Biters, even the tiniest change still helps the planet big-time.
•    Mind expansion. Thinking about the really small stuff helps you realize that every last thing you do counts.

Want a bigger bite?

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