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UN Chief Calls 2009 'Year of Climate Change'

New Year 2009"We have no time to waste. We must reach a global climate change deal before the end of the year (2009) — one that is balanced, comprehensive and ratifiable by all nations," said UN Chief Ban Ki-moon. As the last official press conference of 2008 wrapped up, the secretary general listed climate change as a key challenge for the world in 2009. "I am pleased with our success in keeping climate change high on the global agenda," he said, adding that "2009 will be the year of climate change." With an approved work program outlined in Poland by the 192-member UN Framework Convention on Climate Change things are looking good for a treaty to be sealed in Copenhagen next December. The other focus for the upcoming year; peace on earth. Ban called for resolution and peace for the many nations currently in crisis including Sudan, Somalia, and the Middle East. Read more here. And while it’s not always easy to help support peacekeeping efforts overseas, it’s never been easier to make a difference in 2009 by offsetting the environmental impact of your home or business. Here’s to a cleaner, greener 2009. Happy New Year!

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