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33% of EU’s Electricity To Come From Renewables

EWEA Wind is PowerEurope has long been a leader in the fight to fix climate change. Now they will secure their stewardship in the energy revolution by requiring one-third of the European Union’s (EU’s) electricity to come from renewable energy by 2020. By this time, wind energy is projected to have overtaken hydropower as Europe’s largest source of renewable electricity.

The new legally binding renewables target was agreed upon by European Parliament and the 27 European Union Member States on December 9, 2008. "Europe has turned away from transferring ever larger amounts of European citizens’ wealth to a handful of fuel-exporting nations, opting instead to put the money to work at home and exploit our abundant domestic renewable energy resources" said Christian Kjaer, European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) Chief Executive.

In the current economic state of most of the world, the decision will also help Europe increase jobs, reduce electricity costs, and address energy independence, imports, and fuel price risks. Our caps are off to you Europe. Jolly well done. Read more here.

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