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Connecting the Dots: Common Questions about International Renewable Energy Markets

Author: James Lewis is an expert in international renewable energy markets, with an emphasis on emerging markets in India.

This is the third blog in our “Connect the Dots” series, intended to provide insight into how clean energy solutions connect companies to a variety of business advantages. In today’s installment, we will answer the most common questions about developments in international renewable energy markets. Stay tuned for next month’s blog on the value of green building and LEED certification. To read other blogs in this series, click here.


What are international renewable energy markets for C&I buyers?

Renewable energy markets have developed internationally as a result of globalization, market volatility, climate action demands, and updates to the GHG Protocol’s Scope 2 Guidance. As it has become increasingly important for C&I buyers to source global products from the same geographic grid region where their electricity is consumed, markets worldwide have responded with credible EACs, PPAs, and carbon offsets.

Where are international renewable energy markets developing?

All over the world. Mexico and India are on the forefront of emerging international markets, thanks to available incentives and timeline constraints.  Opportunity is also growing across Europe, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia, Brazil, and Turkey.

What clean technologies are available in international markets?

Credible sources of energy attribute certificates (EACs) and power purchase agreements (PPAs) are available across the globe. Examples of international EACs include GOs in Europe, CELs in Mexico, and I-RECs in Latin America and Asia.  GoldPower® and GreenPower® are other reliable clean technologies, and TIGRs have emerged in Singapore.  Carbon offsets can be sourced from projects on every continent.

How can Renewable Choice connect your company to international renewable energy?

Renewable Choice has sourced clean technology for  the largest companies in the world in order to meet their international goals.  We are one of the only firms today that offers a global portfolio of carbon offsets, EACs, and PPAs.  Our experience in and access to international markets is unparalleled, and we provide the highest assurances through trusted verification agencies and established partnerships.


For more information on how your company can utilize renewable energy around the world, click here


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About the Author:

James helps large buyers access renewable energy across international markets. He holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London.