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Steelcase Wege Wind Farm Real Time Data

In 2008, Steelcase expanded its award-winning sustainability efforts by making a first-of-its-kind, long-term commitment to a single U.S. wind farm. It was named ‘The Wege Wind Energy Farm’ in honor of Peter Wege, a Michigan environmentalist and Steelcase founding member. This landmark commitment included the purchase of all the renewable energy credits (RECs) produced by the farm for at least the first five years of its operation. This unique commitment became the largest purchase of renewable energy credits in the office furniture industry and won Steelcase a 2009 Green Power Leadership Award from the EPA. It also inspired a whitepaper outlining the innovative partnership called Expanding Green Power: A New Business Model.

Steelcase Wege Wind Farm Live data feedNow, you can watch the progress of The Wege Wind Farm with a real-time online tracking tool that shows current wind conditions and electricity output, as well as how much clean renewable energy has been generated by the farm to date by month, year or lifetime.

Renewable Choice is proud to work with Steelcase, an international company with over 13,000 employees and a strong commitment to integrity and doing the right thing for its employees, customers and partners. Steelcase is a company with a long history of supporting the environment through forward-thinking innovative practices. As far back as 1983 Steelcase has won environmental awards and recognition from these initiatives that range from curbing pollutants to being the first company to receive Cradle to Cradle™ certification for the lifecycle of a product.

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