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Earth Day 2015: Celebrating Renewables

This Earth Day, we invite you to join us in celebrating the explosive growth in renewable energy.

When we started Renewable Choice back in 2001, our aspiration was three-fold: an energy landscape where renewables and energy derived from fossil fuels would compete on cost; an increased amount of clean power added to our overall national grid mix; and, true to our name, a marketplace where consumers would have a choice in the type of energy they purchase.

In 2015, our vision is becoming a reality.

For the first time, renewables and fossil fuel-based energy have begun to reach price parity as the price of technologies like wind and solar continue their precipitous decline, fueled by voluntary and compliance market demands, economies of scale, and federal tax credits.

As a result of these favorable development conditions, companies are buying renewables in greater volumes than ever before.  Buyers are exploring utility-scale power purchase agreements (PPAs) and purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) from creative and expanding portfolios of domestic and international projects.

Increasing numbers of corporate, institutional, and individual buyers in the US and abroad are driving project development, leading major news outlets to declare 2015 the “Year of Renewables” and rapidly shifting the energy grid mix towards clean power:

This Earth Day, we invite you to join us in celebrating the explosive growth in renewable energy and the horizon of a cleaner future through green power.

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