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To help accelerate the adoption of renewable energy by pre-K-12 schools, the Green Schools Alliance, a global network of more than 3,000 pre-K-12 schools, has created and launched the Green Schools Renewable Energy Purchasing Consortium (the consortium) with support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership. The consortium is an international group of pre-K-12 schools joined together to collectively purchase renewable energy for their facilities, earning them national recognition from EPA’s Green Power Partnership and paving the way for renewable energy use in the broader pre-K-12 educational community. Member schools of the Green Schools Alliance are keenly interested in advancing sustainability and a number have set goals to have net zero carbon footprints. The goals of the consortium are as follows:

  • Enable an efficient procurement platform for participating schools to purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) for current and future annual needs
  • Ensure that participating  schools are receiving competitively priced RECs through demand aggregation and administrative efficiencies
  • Provide participating schools with the additional resources and communications support they need to educate their stakeholders and communities on renewable energy
  • Establish a national renewable energy purchasing standard for schools based on the commitments of schools within the consortium that will influence and guide the use of renewable energy in schools across the country.
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