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Contact Your Regional Sales Representative
Get one-on-one answers to your questions, guidance on the process, and a customized proposal to fit the needs of your LEED® project. Your sales representative can help you estimate the energy used by your project and the subsequent amount of renewable energy and carbon offsets you will need in order to achieve between 2 and 7 points under the Green Power Credit. We can provide you with a quote in minutes.

Visit our LEED Green Building Pages
Access pertinent information on the LEED Green Power Credit and find out more about Renewable Choice’s involvement in the LEED market. View a map of the projects we have helped offset, a breakdown of rating system types by how many points you can achieve for each one under the Green Power Credit, and find out about the outreach programs we offer that supplement your green power purchase.

Try Our Online LEED Calculator
Understand and estimate your options for achieving the Green Power Credit, all from the comfort of your desk. Simply enter in basic project information (energy usage or project size, location, rating system, and project name), and receive an estimate of the amount of clean energy that would need to be purchased to qualify your project for up to 7 LEED points.

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