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PAC Worldwide Manufactures, Ships and Takes the Environment Seriously

PAC Worldwide a protective packaging manufacturerBusinesses have an impact. We all have an impact but how we go about thinking about our impact and trying to change it is what really matters. When I am evaluating a company I want to know what they’re doing to tread more lightly. Are their initiatives ongoing are they company-wide?

A company like PAC Worldwide that sells shipping and packaging supplies doesn’t seem like a likely company to be actively working to reduce its environmental footprint but yet this company is. The mail jackets the company sells are made out of 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Timers are used for equipment to save energy and their printing uses water based inks. These are just a few of the programs that PAC Worldwide has in place that shows its environmentally conscience side. There is also the commitment to offset 50% of its electricity use with renewable energy and continually finding ways to make its mailers lighter so that there is less packaging that costs less to ship.

When selecting shipping products, office supplies or a printing provider, remember to not only evaluate companies by price but by their commitment to the greater good and the environment. Change doesn’t happen all at once but a company’s priorities and direction are telling. To find out more about PAC Worldwide, go here.

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