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Becker Underwood Buys RECs to Offset 100% Electricity Use

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Becker Underwood Buys RECs to Offset 100% of Electricity Use

Becker Underwood plans to reduce its carbon footprint by offsetting 100 percent of its electricity use by purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) that fund wind farm development. The producer of specialty bio-agronomic and colorant products plans to purchase 7,851,879 kilowatt hours of RECs annually for three years from Renewable Choice Energy.

The REC purchases will also help the company prevent a similar amount of CO2 emissions produced by nearly 762 passenger vehicles annually or the electricity use of 518 average American homes.

Becker Underwood says its purchase of RECs will help ensure that the equivalent of the company’s electricity consumption is put back onto the grid from wind power sources… (cont.)

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