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Renewable Choice Energy at Food, Nutrition & Science

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Why Renewable Energy & Sustainability Matter to the Food Industry

Renewable Choice Energy is a leader and partner to hundreds of businesses and green builders, and thousands of residential customers across the U.S. Recognized for creating impactful initiatives for clients and partners, Renewable Choice helps businesses understand and reduce their carbon footprint with renewable energy and clean technology solutions. We spoke to Quayle Hodek, Founder and CEO of Renewable Choice Energy, about the importance of taking responsibility for your environmental impact…


Why is the funding of renewable energy development important to businesses? And more specifically, why is it important to the food industry?

Supporting renewable energy development is a very beneficial and widely accepted way to take responsibility for your impact on the environment because it reduces carbon dioxide pollution, reduces our dependence on fossil fuels, sets an example for other businesses and customers, and demonstrates to government leaders and the media that renewable energy is a priority. Those in the food industry generally rely heavily on automated processes and refrigeration that use a lot of electricity, not to mention requiring extensive shipping. This makes it especially important for those in this sector to support renewable energy development to reduce their impact of doing business.

Read the full interview with Quayle Hodek at Food, Nutrition & Science.

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