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Greenhouse Gas Inventory Program Announcement

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Greenhouse Gas Accounting Comes to the Masses

Renewable Choice Responds to Needs of Mid-sized U.S. Businesses

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BOULDER, CO. (September 2, 2009) – Renewable
Choice Energy, a national renewable energy retailer known for its award-winning
wind power partnerships with Whole Foods Market, Vail Resorts and Steelcase,
has launched a new greenhouse gas assessment program to address carbon accounting needs for mid-size businesses. The launch comes in response
to growing international demand for greenhouse gas accountability from both
government and private sectors.

Legislative changes and pressure from large corporations,
such as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. who recently asked suppliers to begin reporting
on their greenhouse gas emissions reduction activity, will make it more and
more important for businesses of all sizes to measure and understand the
environmental impact of their businesses. 
Because most emissions inventory services and software available are often cost-prohibitive
for all but large corporations, a new program from Renewable Choice called Choice Inventories tailors to the
mid-size companies with moderate budgets and minimal internal resources to
conduct emissions reporting.

“We’ve been providing renewable energy and carbon offset solutions to Fortune
500 companies, small businesses and everything in between for years, but we
were seeing a strong need for more budget- and process-friendly emissions
reporting service among the bulk of our clients – mid-sized companies with
modest budgets,” said Tom Holcomb, VP for Business Development at Renewable
Choice. “Most companies want to make a difference and reduce their
environmental impact, but don’t know where to start. We had to make that easy
and I think we’ve succeeded.”

A number of national and local companies have signed on for Choice Inventories. A few of the early
adopters include Hanover Packaging, a leader in the specialty packaging market,
Backcountry.com, a top online retailer of high-end outdoor and backcountry gear, and Votenet.com a leading provider of on-demand voting software and
election consulting.

“Reducing our carbon footprint is an important part of our
sustainability program at Hanover Packaging.  Renewable Choice made our
greenhouse gas inventory process work smoothly and as a result of our efforts
in this and other areas we have been recognized as an EPA Climate Leader,” said
Larry Chatzkel, CEO of Hanover Packaging.

“We are actively working towards an environmentally
sustainable business. The only way to honestly address our carbon footprint was
with a greenhouse gas inventory;” said Jim Holland, CEO of Backcountry.com. “Renewable
Choice, with whom we’ve worked to offset our electricity with wind power,
offered a carbon accounting service that met our needs and fit our budget.”

In addition to greenhouse gas inventories, Renewable Choice
provides any number of customized solutions and resources to put the
information gained in an assessment to good use. All Choice Inventories
participants gain access to a 250-page energy efficiency resource center that
provides guidance on reducing consumption and waste to help the environment and
reduce costs. Renewable Choice has also piloted a program to install
conservation-related products like energy-efficient lighting and solar panels
in client facilities. The company has been awarded for innovations in
communication and education about renewable energy and continues to offer
custom outreach solutions to all its clients and partners.

“Renewable Choice Energy was an invaluable partner.  Thanks to their
research and the development of a one-of-a-kind carbon footprint calculator,
we’re educating organizations all over the world about the environmental impact
of their paper ballot elections and votes,” said Votenet Solutions, Inc. CEO
Michael Tuteur. “Renewable Choice has also helped us to reduce our own carbon
footprint via affordable carbon offsets and energy-saving initiatives.”

“Though small- and mid-sized companies have never been legally required to support
renewable energy development and reduce their carbon emissions in the U.S., they have
made up the bulk of companies doing so in recent years. We expect this trend to
continue in regards to businesses conducting full greenhouse gas inventories,
as well,” said Quayle Hodek, CEO of Renewable Choice. “We’ve worked with
hundreds of companies that support renewable energy because it’s the right
thing to do for the environment and their customers. We hope our unique carbon
accounting service gives them more tools to further express their commitments
to sustainability.”


Heather Philipp
Media and Communications Director
Renewable Choice Energy
303.551.7606 or Email Media


Read Ten Steps to a Greenhouse Gas Inventory for more information on how you can get started.

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