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Mosaic Product News – September 2012

Mosaic LogoSince our last product update, we’ve been working diligently to advance the features of our Mosaic™ software.  We are proud to announce the recent release of Mosaic v2.0 which will make it easier than ever for your company or organization to quickly and accurately conduct a greenhouse gas emissions inventory.  The new features shorten the number of steps in between collecting emissions and energy data and completing and reporting your inventory.  You can even use our Excel templates to embed improved data collection practices within your organization.  Here’s a summary of the specific upgrades and improvements to the Mosaic platform:

Introducing Data Import

Mosaic can import your data!  We’re excited to announce that Mosaic now has the capability to import energy and other greenhouse gas emissions data from spreadsheets, making it easier and faster for your organization to conduct a GHG emission inventory.

Renewable Energy and Carbon Offset Reporting

In addition to providing an online platform to report emissions, Mosaic now allows businesses to track purchased REC’s and Offsets, and generate reports showing how these purchases offset their emissions.

Improved Account Management

Mosaic now allows users to additional tools to manage the emission sources and facilities in their account.  Users can also customize their reporting dates making it easier than ever for users to streamline reporting and analyze energy-use.

We look forward to sharing more exciting upgrades to Mosaic in the upcoming months. If you are interested in a personal demo, please contact us today.

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