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What’s a CO2 Calculator – buy CO2 offsets | Renewable Choice

A carbon dioxide (CO2) calculator is an important tool for helping to convert abstract greenhouse gas (GHG) emission measurements into everyday equivalencies.  At Renewable Choice, we use a CO2 calculator to help organizations measure their climate impact and to determine the number of carbon offsets clients will need to buy.  Carbon offsets help to mitigate the impact of GHG emissions by reducing the volume of emissions that enter the atmosphere.

Here’s how it works: Organizations input data about their energy consumption into a CO2 calculator.  The calculator determines what the carbon footprint of that organization is and provides equivalency calculations.  The organization can then use the size of their footprint to assess the volume of carbon offsets needed to help neutralize their emissions.  By buying carbon offsets, organizations provide financial support to projects that either remove GHGs from the atmosphere or keep GHGs from being emitted altogether.  These carbon offsets create real, permanent, and quantifiable reductions to the organization’s carbon footprint.

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