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REC Resources Campaign – White Paper & Webinar

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Sustainability is good business. Benefits of corporate sustainability include greater profitability and competitive advantage. One of the easiest ways a business can support sustainability, while simultaneously mitigating climate change, is by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits, or RECs.

The white paper The Value of Renewable Energy Credits: A Guide to RECs by Renewable Choice Energy provides readers with information about the U.S. power grid, green power sourcing, and the importance and value of RECs in the power equation. As leaders in the renewable energy marketplace, we want to share our experience and expertise in the complexities of power generation and clean energy demand. 

Download the White Paper Now and Learn:

  • What Renewable Energy Credits are, how they are generated, and how they are verified
  • Why buying RECs is an important step in global sustainability
  • Why supporting renewable energy matters as a part of the Big Energy Picture

Once you submit the form, you will also have access to our Introduction to RECs on-demand webinar, which provides an overview of how green power is tracked and traded in North America.

Who We Are

Renewable Choice can help you meet your carbon reporting requirements with a
cost-effective and efficient approach to completing the CDP
questionnaire. For a decade, Renewable Choice has helped clients become leaders in their industry by supporting sustainability initiatives that increase transparency, reduce risk, lower costs, leverage competitive advantages and improve stakeholder relations.

Our experienced team of professionals provide
service in areas of carbon accounting and disclosure, supply chain
sustainability assessments and scorecard programs, energy audits, renewable
energy and carbon offsets and strategic planning. We collaborate with businesses
of all shapes and sizes around the globe from small- and mid-sized companies to
leading Fortune 500 organizations.

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