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Carbon Offsets

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It’s nearly impossible to eliminate all emissions through reduction efforts and efficiencies alone.

Carbon offsets are a highly credible means for organizations to achieve carbon neutrality.

What Carbon Offsets Are

Carbon offsets are an affordable, credible means for organizations to counterbalance greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, move toward carbon neutrality, and advance carbon reduction projects and technologies.


69% of US emissions come from sources other than electricity generation.  By choosing carbon offsets, organizations counteract the unavoidable emissions from essential business activities such as business travel, employee commute, waste management, and the supply chain.  Offsets are an ideal complement to efficiency measures and other mitigation strategies designed to achieve carbon neutrality.


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Your carbon reduction efforts might be missing the mark.

Here’s how offsets work.


How Offsets Work

Even the most efficient, responsible organizations struggle to fully eliminate all emissions.  Offsets trade these unavoidable emissions for reductions made elsewhere.  For example, carbon offsets are used to reduce business travel emissions.  The offsets may be purchased from a dairy farm that is capturing methane, or from a forestry project sequestering carbon in trees.

Offsets represent one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) that has been eliminated or sequestered from the atmosphere.  When organizations purchase offsets in a 1:1 ratio to counterbalance their emissions, carbon neutrality may be achieved.

How Offsets Help

Carbon offsets are valuable because of their ability to remove more dangerous GHGs, such as methane, from the atmosphere.  These GHGs have a global warming potential far greater than that of carbon dioxide. As a result, offsets have a direct impact on reducing an organization’s carbon footprint.

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Renewable Choice is the clear choice for your offsets.

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Why Renewable Choice

Renewable Choice sells only the highest quality, third-party verified carbon offsets. All of our emission reductions are registered with leading assurance agencies such as Climate Action Reserve, Verified Carbon Standard, WWF’s Gold Standard, and the American Carbon Registry.

We source our offsets from a variety of innovative projects around the world, utilizing technologies such as methane capture and flare, fuel switching, forest sequestration, and biogas.  We work closely with our clients to select projects for them that align with their organizational goals, while providing a powerful story shareable with stakeholders.

“I can’t tell you how much it means to us to partner with you and participate in this kind of change. As a manufacturer, we recognize we create waste but also have an even greater responsibility and opportunity to reduce our footprint. Thank you for your partnership and providing a channel for us to make a difference!”
Liz Myslik, Partner, Fresca Foods


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