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Energy Attribute Certificates

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The largest companies in the world rely on green power in the form of EACs like renewable energy certificates (RECs), Guarantees of Origin (GOs), and I-RECs to meet their sustainability goals and reduce their Scope 2 emissions.

What EACs Are

Energy attribute certificates (EACs) are the leading way organizations use green power globally. Known as RECs in North America, GOs in the EU, and I-RECs in many developing markets, EACs are used by thousands of organizations to meet renewable energy commitments or carbon reduction goals.  They are recognized for their value as a renewable energy market indicator by the US EPA, the GHG Protocol, CDP, and WRI, among others.

Fortune 500 with RE goal 43%
Fortune 100 with RE goal 60%

An EAC verifies that one megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable electricity was generated by a clean power facility and added to the electric grid. When the electricity is generated, an EAC is created simultaneously in a 1:1 ratio. Once renewable electricity joins the grid, there’s no way to accurately track it. Organizations that own EACs in a corresponding volume to the amount of purchased electricity consumed are assured that the equivalent volume of green power was generated.


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EACs are Your Proof of Purchase.

Here’s how they work.


How EACs Work

Most institutions are unable to source clean energy directly.  Many factors, including cost, may limit an organization’s ability to exercise choice in energy acquisition.  Instead, organizations turn to EACs to meet their Scope 2 emission reduction and sustainability goals.

EACs are the accepted way that green power is tracked and traded worldwide. They enable organizations to claim the environmental attributes of green power while supporting the generation of power from clean energy sources like wind and are a recognized, industry standard.

How EACs Help

The widespread use of EACs has provided a market indicator for new renewable energy project development while helping organizations reduce their environmental impact.  By supporting the development of renewable electricity, we can improve energy security, stimulate economic growth, and reduce the human health impacts of pollution.

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Renewable Choice is the clear choice for your EACs.

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Why Renewable Choice

Renewable Choice has more experience selling EACs than anyone else in the market today. In 2006, we helped Whole Foods Market become the first corporation to go 100% wind powered and we’ve since worked with thousands of global organizations to follow suit.

Our clients return to us year after year to buy EACs for their domestic and international green power needs because of our competitive pricing; extensive portfolio of customizable and Scope 2 compliant sourcing options; and tenured team of green power experts. All the EACs we sell are third-party verified by Green-e® Energy, EcoLogo™, or Gold Power® to ensure our clients receive the best possible products and assurances.

“Our commitment to clean energy began in 2009, and we’ve been delighted to partner with Renewable Choice Energy to help us meet our goals. The staff at Renewable Choice are experts in green power and understand what we are working to accomplish at Jackson Family Wines. The Renewable Choice team has gone above and beyond to support us on our journey.”
Julien Gervreau, Senior Sustainability Manager, Jackson Family Wines


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