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Green Buildings

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RECs and carbon offsets are easy, affordable ways to earn points for LEED certification via the Green Power Credit.

Thousands of projects already utilize these tools to meet their sustainability goals.

What The Green Power Credit Is

Each year, residential and commercial buildings consume more than 20% of worldwide energy production, resulting in the emissions of over a trillion tons of carbon dioxide.

The LEED Green Power Credit works to reduce this number by providing certification points to green building projects that work to decrease the emissions they produce. Points can be earned for both existing and new construction and are available under both LEED 2009 and LEED v4.

LEED certified sq. ft. worldwide

Two types of carbon reducing technologies–renewable energy credits (RECs) and carbon offsets–can be utilized by LEED projects to achieve green power points in the Energy & Atmosphere category.


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RECs and offsets for LEED are easy and affordable.

Here’s how they work.


How RECs and Offsets for LEED Work

Green building projects seeking to reduce the impact of their energy use can purchase RECs and carbon offsets to earn up to seven (7) points toward the LEED Energy & Atmosphere Green Power Credit.  RECs are a form of Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) and are the established way that green power is tracked & traded, providing green buildings with a verified means for reducing the emissions associated with project electricity.  Carbon offsets counterbalance the emissions generated by buildings with the destruction of emissions from other, more dangerous sources.  Taken in total, using RECs and offsets can considerably reduce a building’s carbon footprint without sizable operational expense.

How RECs and Offsets for LEED Help

The LEED certification process is a rigorous one.  By utilizing RECs and offsets from Renewable Choice, you can earn easy, affordable points towards certification while also meeting carbon reduction goals for your project.

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Renewable Choice is the clear choice for RECs and offsets for LEED.

Learn why.

Why Renewable Choice

Since 2003, Renewable Choice has provided clean technology products to LEED professionals, architects, and project managers, helping more than 8,000 global LEED projects earn points under the Energy & Atmosphere Green Power Credit. Renewable Choice is a member in good standing with both the U.S. Green Building Council and the Canadian Green Building Council, and our business development team members have all earned LEED Green Associate or LEED Accredited Professional recognition.

All the RECs and carbon offsets sold by Renewable Choice are third-party verified by the highly credible and rigorous Green-e® Energy and Green-e Climate standards. Green-e is an independent certification program for RECs and carbon offsets sold in the voluntary market. The Green-e logo identifies RECs and carbon offsets that meet the program’s high environmental and consumer protection standards.

“I recommend Renewable Choice because everyone I’ve ever dealt with there is friendly and easy to talk to. It doesn’t feel like I’m being sold on anything, just that we’re doing the right thing together. Thanks for all you’re doing.”
Jeremy Knoll, LEED AP, BNIM


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