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International Clean Energy

International Clean Energy 2017-07-24T11:42:12+00:00

Clean energy markets across Asia, Europe, and Latin America are rapidly developing in response to increased global demand.

Looking for international PPAs? Scope 2-compliant contractual instruments? Emissions reductions? We can help.

What International Clean Energy Products Are

Corporate and industrial (C&I) buyers with global renewable energy purchasing or carbon-reduction goals need credible sources of carbon offsets, energy attribute certificates (EACs), and power purchase agreements (PPAs).  These tools are already in wide use throughout North America, the UK, Europe, and Australia, and viable markets are developing in India, Mexico and Latin America, Japan, South Africa, and China, among others.

CDP reporting companies with global operations

Using internationally-sourced products to meet international load has become increasingly important under the GHG Protocol’s Scope 2 Guidance, which requires that these contractual instruments be sourced from the same geographic grid region where electricity is consumed.

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International clean energy options help you meet your goals.

Here’s how.


How Our International Products Work

Finding valid, reliable international renewable energy and carbon-reducing products can be challenging.  Yet, increasing demands-like the Scope 2 protocol-are making these products a critical component of a strategic, global clean energy strategy.

With 15 years of experience transacting on clean energy, and trustworthy relationships in both established and emerging international markets, Renewable Choice is able to source custom products designed to match buyers’ international electricity and carbon loads.

How Our International Products Help

Our products help buyers: 1) meet their Scope 2 reporting requirements, 2) reduce their dependence on fossil fuel generation, 3) increase energy security and resiliency, 4) improve air quality and human health in the communities where they do business, and 5) potentially save money on their global electricity costs.  By working with Renewable Choice, buyers contribute to a developing global market and standard for international renewable energy and carbon-reducing mechanisms and services.

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Renewable Choice is the clear choice for your international needs.

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Why Renewable Choice

As part of the largest global consultancy in the world on strategic renewable energy acquisition, Renewable Choice offers both a domestic and international portfolio of the highest quality carbon offsets, EACs, and onsite and offsite PPAs. We source our products and projects from a variety of locations and technologies, while providing third-party assurance through our partnerships with highly regarded international developers and verification agencies.

Renewable Choice has partnered with some of the largest companies in the world to meet their global demands.  Our experience in and access to international markets is unparalleled.  Renewable Choice customers receive the highest quality, credible products, and return to us year-after-year for the characteristic, personable service that informs every transaction.

“Renewable Choice Energy’s expertise in renewable energy consulting and brokering [is] of great benefit to the companies in our network seeking to employ renewable energy solutions as they move towards a low carbon future.”
Paul Robins, Head of Partnerships, CDP

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