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Supply Chain White Paper

Supply Chain WhitepaperThe new white paper, The Growing Trend of Sustainability Scorecards, Why It Makes Sense to Get on Board Now, by Renewable Choice Energy, provides readers with valuable insight into the ever changing world of supply chain sustainability. We have conducted extensive research and interviews to bring you an overview of 16 supplier sustainability scorecards, including those from market leading organizations such as Dell, Ford, Walmart, Kohl’s, and the Federal government.

Download the White Paper Now and Learn:

  • Trends driving multi-national buying organizations and the Federal government to solicit suppliers to measure and disclose environmental performance
  • What is a scorecard, Who is doing them and Why?
  • A summary of the requirements for 16 scorecards
  • Best practices for suppliers

Contributors to the Paper Include:

Bruno Sarda – Director of Sustainability Operations at Dell: “Today, it is simply an imperative to do business. Investors are
demanding it now [sustainability disclosure] – they will not take you seriously if you cannot speak
intelligently to this. Our customers demand a high level of disclosure,
especially in the public sector and in the large enterprises. Measuring
and disclosing throughout the supply chain is ultimately about risk
management – and it makes you a much more transparent company.”

Geraldine Link – Public Policy Director at National Ski Area Association: “Energy is a very important topic in this industry and if we can reduce our carbon footprint, we can save money and help the environment at the same time. This is no longer the exception, but the rule…”

Mark Newton – Vice President of Sustainability at Timberland: ““From the highest levels of a corporation, organizations are beginning to think holistically and to engage suppliers to be innovative in their efforts,” Newton explains. “Whether you are a large multi-national organization or a supplier to one, managing carbon emissions is another lever to reduce waste and drive efficiency.”

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For over a decade, Renewable Choice has helped clients become leaders in their industry by supporting sustainability initiatives that increase transparency, reduce risk, lower costs, leverage competitive advantages and improve stakeholder relations. We encourage companies of all sizes to implement responsible business practices that result in greater human, economic, and environmental sustainability.

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