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The GOOD Sheet Help Educate and Engage Coffee Drinkers

GOOD Sheet current event topic in StarbucksIt is a folded piece of newsprint that tackles different topics each week. It was developed to engage people to discuss current events. The nice thing about this mini one-topic news piece is that it has interesting statistics and a brief history of the topic at hand to quickly set the playing field for the topic. It is an easily digestible and creative way to reach out to the public. Why only Starbuck’s, I don’t know? But I like the idea of sharing non-partisan information that can be quickly scanned. It of course has nothing to do with coffee or Starbucks and comes from a credible source which makes the pairing complementary.

In addition, these GOOD sheets are ‘good’ not just for their educational content but because the carbon impact from printing and transporting them have all been balanced with carbon offsets. The offsets are investments in carbon mitigation projects that captures and measures the amount of carbon is not allowed to enter the atmosphere. Therefore, the offsets balance the amount of carbon that a specific activity has created which is one way to reduce a business’s overall impact. The GOOD sheet is creating responsible content and producing it in a responsible way.

To learn more about the GOOD sheet, go here.

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